Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Simple Synastry Snapshot

I took up the serious study of astrology back in the “What's your sign?” days of the early 1970s. And even with the sophistication that the passage of 40 years can bring, sometimes looking at synastry from a macrosmic level can be revealing. The term, “macrcosmic” or “macro” level is one that I use when I just want to discuss basic, overall principles, rather than quibble over details that would normally just get in the way.

Recently, I have been looking back at my involvement with astrology and noticed that many of the people who have been the most supportive and encouraging of me have had the Moon in Leo. Just off the top of my head, I can think of Press Roberts, Edith Custer, Joan McEvers and Noel Tyl who fit this description. In the course of conversations with various friends in the astrological community, nearly everyone would have a different point of view regarding these people. So then it became obvious that these people were whom I needed for my fulfillment, whether or not my friends needed them for their fulfillment. On a macro level, their Moons were nurturing my Leo Sun. The next question that I needed to ask myself was, “Does this principle work in the other direction; in other words, does my Virgo Moon nurture anyone with a Virgo Sun?” My father was a Virgo with a Cancer Moon and a Libra ascendant. Basically, I had a good relationship with my father, despite the clashes between my realism and his idealism.  Interestingly, when I was in college, my best friend was a Virgo with a Leo Moon.  To a greater or lesser degree with both supported and nurtured each other.
Besides the Sun, the other two major building blocks of the horoscope are the Moon and the ascendant. I have noticed that if a person has troubles with a given Sun sign, people with the Moon or the ascendant in that sign are often more difficult to deal with—with one exception. For some reason, Aquarius ascendants are easier to deal with that Aquarius Suns, but Aquarius is the only sign that exhibits that phenomenon.