Sunday, April 1, 2012

Health and HIlary Clinton

In light of Dick Cheney getting a heart transplant, I decided to look at some other politicians from a health perspective. From the orientation of critical illness, I am most concerned by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's chart. Hillary Clinton was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. There has been some debate about a.m. versus p.m. and how close to 8:00 her birth was. Knowing that Chelsea was delivered by C-section, I feel confident in altering Hilary's birthtime by adding a single minute, to get 8:01 a.m. Chelsea has Mars Rx at 4:36 Virgo and Jupiter Rx at 4:50 Virgo. So the tweak made Hilary's MC just a wee bit closer at the time of the delivery.

If Hilary Clinton were a male, I think that she would be a prime candidate for prostate cancer. She has Scorpio on both the 12th house of critical illness and the ascendant--the health center of the horoscope. Pluto, the ruling planet is conjunct both Mars and Saturn, which suggests both irritations and blockages. Her Sun in the 12th house also suggests a systemic weakness in those body parts associated with Scorpio. She has Jupiter in the first house, both as a final dispositor and peregrine. I think Noel Tyl's evaluation of health is pretty good, with some exceptions. Personal experience has led me to consider Scorpio, rather than Libra, to be the ruler of the bladder. Since Hilary does not have a prostate, I think she is at high risk for bladder cancer.

When cancer is analyzed astrologically, Jupiter presents a true conundrum. Jupiter in the 1st house does preserve the basic health. Yet with Jupiter as both a final dispositor and peregrine, there is a risk of uncontrolled cellular growth running away with the organism, which is exactly what cancer is.

Then there is the issue of Hilary's Pisces Moon. Although, I don't particularly like Hilary, it breaks my heart when I discover that someone that I do like has a Pisces Moon. I've seen far too many people die of cancer at far too young an age, if they have the Moon in Pisces. We've all seen far too many Pisces Moons get hooked into some kind of addictive behavior. To name just a few are Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Rush Limbaugh.

Back on June 17, 2009, Hillary Clinton fell and broke her elbow.  Still some people might think that the fact that she broke her elbow would give credence to the evening (Gemini rising)chart, I think that looking at the transits (and other predictive tools) might give us more insight in general.  The first thing I noticed was transiting Uranus squaring its own place.  Uranus is easily associated with things that happen suddenly, and accidents certainly happen suddenly.  Hillary's natal Uranus is in Gemini, and will function as such regardless of what her ascendant is.

At noon, her TP (tertiary progressed) Moon was 23:04 Taurus, which is close to some midpoints involving the North Node, the ascendant and Mercury.  As I don't have the time that she fell, the incident does seem more consistent with a morning birth.

Perhaps it's too early to voice my concern, but at the end of 2017, Saturn. Mercury and the ascendant will all all arc to Hilary's Sun while Neptune arcs to her Moon. If she were to develop bladder cancer, I suspect that time to be the most ominous.

                                                                                 Don Borkowski