Monday, October 1, 2012

Sex, Sex, Sex

Before any serious discussion of sex can take place, it must first be established what component of sex is being addressed.

I date my involvement with astrology since June 7, 1971. My first teacher/mentor, Press Roberts, LPN, had such a profound influence on me that most of my astrological beliefs/philosophies were established upon what I learned from him. A couple weeks after meeting him, Press asked me which house I thought sex came from. I replied sheepishly, “The... uh ...5th?”
Press then answered most dramatically, “Don't shit yourself, boy. It's the 8th. I've never forgotten that. Many years later, I enrolled in Noel Tyl's Master's class. And I have felt conflicted since then as Noel feels just as emphatically that sex comes from the 5th house as sex is how children are made and because sex is, or should be, connected to love.
Cutting to the chase, I feel that the emotional component of sex would definitely be the 5th house, but that the physical component of sex would come from the 8th house. Examples abound. Back in 1992 when Bill Clinton first became part of the national conciousness, and long before anyone had heard of Paula Jones or Monica Lewinsky, I took a look at his chart. Bill Clinton has the Moon in Taurus in the 8th house. So I told my wife that this guy loves oral sex with women. When she said that I had a dirty mind, I replied that it was all in the keywords. The 8th house is physical sex. The Moon is women. And Taurus rules the mouth. What a strightforward example of how keyword astrology can work!
Even Noel, himself, has written that he has taken Viagra© on occasion. His (convoluted) explanation was that he has Neptune (of weakness) in the 4th house, which is the 12th dynamic of the 5th house. I would have said that his 8th house was ruled by Saturn,which is in opposition to Neptune. This introduces Neptune into his sexual profile more quickly and directly.
By definition, the 5th house and the 8th house will always be square to each other in the mundane sense. When studying the philosophical meanings of houses and their interrelationship, it is best to think of houses in an equal house system. Then it becomes blatantly obvious that it would take the transiting Sun 9 months to travel from the 8th house to the 5th house. As 9 months is the typical duration of a pregnancy from intercourse to birth, the assignment of the 8th house to sex becomes much easier to accept.
Recently a top local psychic gave me the good advice to stop comparing myself to other people. For the longest time, I was embarassed that I was the oldest of my peers to lose his virginity. I'm bringing this out in the open in accordance with my psychic's advice. Actually, I had 3-1/2 years of astrological experience when it happened, which meant that I made it a point to look at the clock. As I wrote earlier, I had felt conflicted about which astrological house truly represented sex. In my horoscope, Venus rules the 5th house, but is tenanted in the 8th. Studying my own chart wouldn't settle any questions. In fact, when I first had sex, February 21, 1975 at 10:10 pm PST in Sellwood, Oregon, the midheaven was exactly conjunct my natal Venus!

Don Borkowski
October 1, 2012, 3:17 pm
Sheridan, Oregon

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