Sunday, May 19, 2013

Solar Arcs: The Next Generation of Progressions

This blog post is a recap of a lecture I gave to the Oregon Astrological Association a few years ago.
Solar Arcs is a predictive technique that is a refinement of the more traditional secondary progressions. In many ways, solar arcs are easier to read, easier to estimate and more reliable than progressions.  I have studied astrology since 1971. I have been aware of solar arcs since 1990, but have only used them exclusively since 2001.
  • Don’t let the simplicity of Solar Arcs make you take them lightly.
  • Many of the details of progressions do not matter with solar arcs.
  • Start with your progressed Sun. Then move everything the same distance that your Sun has progressed.
  • Solar arcs will always have the same relationship to each other that the natal chart has.
  • Just notice the aspects between the arced planets and the natal planets.
  • A solar arc doesn’t depend on a natal aspect in order to manifest.
  • Only hard-angle aspects—conjunctions, oppositions and squares—matter. Use an “equals sign” (=) to show these. Hard-angle minor aspects—the semi-square and sesqui-square—are also valid. The 165o aspect (quindecile) is also valid, but that’s an advanced topic. Soft-angle aspects and minor aspects are not important.
  • Planets gain meaning from both their intrinsic nature and from house rulership.
  • You can estimate solar arcs from the natal chart. You don’t need a computer or an ephemeris. Allow a degree per year of age for births from September through March; else reduce your estimate a degree for every 30 years.
  • The orbs used in solar arcs might feel a little soft or sloppy if you have a lot of Virgo in your makeup.
  • Changes of signs are not important.
  • Arcs to the Aries Point (0o of the cardinal signs) invoke the prominence of that planet.
  • Between age 45 and 47, every planet will arc to a semi-square to its own place.
  • Arcs to midpoints (indirect arcs) have a lesser importance. They add flavoring.
  • The locality of the arced chart is not important.
  • Solar arcs work for single charts only; they are not applicable to synastry.
  • You don’t have to give up progressions, even if you choose to concentrate on solar arcs.

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